Our Story



As a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, Tery Baskin listened to his customers, educated them about their options, and personally called prescribers, if necessary, to help his customers get the right medication at the right price. He believed that the customers had a right to know what their options were.


The approach that Tery took with his customers as a pharmacist laid the foundation for the RxResults evidence-based philosophy. Tery set out to develop a system that would allow millions of patients and pharmacy benefits plan providers to have the same independent insight and guidance that he provided to his pharmacy customers. Tery built RxResults by combining the proven, evidence based approach of a nationally recognized College of Pharmacy with a sophisticated analytical and reporting tool developed in-house. Tery was so focused on results for the patient that he made it part of the company name. As Tery says, “When it comes to patient care, it’s not about whether you’re taking the name brand drug, it’s about taking the right drug for a condition, at the right price, for the best results”.


Rewriting the script
on your pharmacy plan

RxResults offers a multipronged approach to eliminate wasteful pharmacy plan spending on behalf of the employer and employee.

As a completely independent partner, unlike too many PBM's, we have zero behind the scenes relationships with drug companies. Our incentives are aligned with the incentives of our clients; creating the best possible outcome for your employees, at the lowest possible price.

With RxResults, you and your employees are given the support and information you need to make smart, cost-effective choices about your prescriptions. RxResults has a team of professional pharmacists available to educate members and prescribing physicians about lower cost alternatives with the same clinical equivalent.



What We Do

A good plan starts with knowing where you are today. RxResults can turn your data into actionable insight with a Pharmacy Risk Analysis.


RxResults receives no revenue from the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, we are able to provide objective, independent & unbiased clinical formulary management – rather than trying to maximize rebates. While rebates are important and we prefer to optimize rebates when available, we limit when appropriate the funding ties between your PBM and the pharmaceutical industry when it is at the expense
of your members and your plan.



RxResults features a joint-collaborative with UAMS College of Pharmacy. We provide independent and unbiased analysis of relevant clinical trials. Drawing from our pharmaceutical expertise, we Identify differences between medications with respect to safety and efficacy and consult on appropriate use of cost-effective medications.


Participate in the RxResults Specialty Drug Spend
Impact Study.

This survey is completely anonymous, consists of approximately 15 multiple choice questions
and typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

We focus on Results

We Use Your Data
to Make Strategic Decisions.

  • Proprietary on-line analytics platform & clinical rules engine
  • Identify & stratify risks and cost savings opportunities within pharmacy claims data
  • Highly intuitive dashboard & reporting platform provides unprecedented insights into your overall drug costs, utilization trends and ROI.
  • Savings evaluations that track & highlight critical metrics such as per member per month cost, average prescription price, brand versus generic utilization, service impact & more

We provide clinical expertise
to help you manage your PBM relationship.

RxResults formulary management strategy is not passive marketing. Rather, our pharmacy risk management programs are evidence-based and integrated into your PBM’s claims processing system and your plan design, which helps for seamless implementation, member adherence and effective on-going plan management for both the plan and your members.
  • Proven ability to reduce inflationary rates for drug costs
  • Focus on lowest net cost rather than maximizing rebates
  • Superior evidence-based selection of preferred drugs
  • Provider call center staffed by pharmacists and physicians
  • Continuous monitoring of the ever-changing pharmaceutical market
  • Transparent Contracting, Execution, and Reporting