Medication Therapy Management

The Non-Adherence Problem

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How It Works

The Medication Therapy Management (MTM) product offers personalized medication reviews for members that need it most; those with chronic conditions.

Members are invited to review their current medication regimen with their local pharmacist in person, or to speak with an RxResults pharmacist via telephone. Pharmacists review the medication regimen to identify:

  • Medication safety issues such as duplication of medications and undesirable side effects, and adverse drug events due to drug, age or disease interactions
  • Non-adherence to medications
  • Inappropriate medication dosages
  • Gaps in standards of care
  • The member’s possible lack of knowledge of the medication regimen and/or condition

Benefits of Medication Therapy Management

A good plan starts with knowing where you are today. RxResults can turn your data into actionable insight with a Pharmacy Risk Analysis.

Product Features

Using various clinical rules, members are identified for participation. RxResults accesses a network of local pharmacists across the country. The best results and outcomes from MTM programs are seen when the member and the pharmacist work together in person. Building a relationship with the local pharmacist will help the member maintain the achieved results in the future.

Progress is measured quarterly and that information is shared with the plan sponsor. Reporting is easy to use and represented graphically.

Savings from the program is usually calculated once per year after accumulating at least 15 months of claims and pharmacy data after the first intervention for a member.